HA – Install step by step (Shipping, Physical installation)

There are all steps I followed in order to install a Home Assistant that covers all my needs.


In the past I had and played with a RaspberryPi and an old Conbee-II key. As I was in apartment with a plan to move out I never really used it and always prioritize my Google setup.

Now with my own House, it’s another story !

Step 1 – The first steps was to choose the correct setup for HA.

Unfortunatelly, this one was very old and I didn’t had the patience to reconfigure everything.

I finally shipped a new Home Assitant Green via mediarath.de.

Step 2 – The USB dongle

As said before, I had a Conbee-II USB dongle.
Even if I really would like to use the SkyConnect (for Matters support), I will first play with my existing key.

Step 3 – More material !

  1. I also need a router : my old NetGear will be used for now (will be replaced by a Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Flex Mini with POE)
    Box to router to:
    • RJ45-house-1 (PC 1)
    • RJ45-house-2 (PC2)
    • RJ45-house-3 (Wi-fi Repeter)
    • RJ45-house-4 (TV)
  2. My IKEA TRÅDFRI, replaced by the new IKEA DIRIGERA
  3. My FAI Box (Freebox Pop)
    Connected to port1=router, port2=HA, port3=IKEA DIRIGERA
  4. I had to invest on an additional Wi-Fi Repeater, as my box was on the garage.
  5. (I think I will have to invest on another Wi-Fi repeater, one for each floor as I the Wi-Fi keep disconnecting …)

Step 4 – Prepare everything for the setup

New installation, in a new house … I must do it properly !

Final installation

Physical Installation

There are very good videos on internet for installing Home Assistant.
To summarize:

  • Open the Box of your HA-Green (or Yellow)
  • Connect via Ethernet RJ45
    I connected directly to my FAI box.
  • Connect the USB dongle (Conbee-II)
  • Connect the power
  • Start HA

Checking the leds (with several reboots), and finally :